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The smallest action-sports Cam of the world

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New  Pictures from the Nitrolympx 2011 
12.-14. August 2011

Action Movies from the Nitrolympx
ride on the wheelie bar or whats going on at the drive shaft. Take a look at the films, 
very interesting!


RePlay XD / Size: 63mm x 21mm, weight: 36g

Introducing the world's most revolutionary action-sports POV System. The RePlay XD features a nearly zero-weight, rugged aluminum form factor chassis, combined with an integrated high resolution Camera/Recorder. The RePlay XD is a mini DVR system that records DVD quality video to a microSDHC Memory card. The RePlay XD is designed to be easy to use and intuitive with its simple "On" and "Off" two-button operation and vibration feedback feature.

You can record video of your adventures for up to 110 minutes on a single charge and re-play what you have recorded from your PC or Mac.  It's that simple.  

RePlay XD

The RePlay XD was designed by a group of racing professionals with over 50 years of experience in the high performance racing industry. The development team saw the need for ultra-lightweight cameras that could capture never before seen video footage from the most extreme racing and action environments on earth. The RePlay XD has been put through the most grueling conditions possible and has come out unscathed with crystal clear footage. Our goal is to bring you the most technologically advanced recording systems available today.
Dez KRIVAN - on be-half of RePlay  

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1st May Amercian Live - US-CAR TREFFEN, Oensingen, Switzerland
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