Technical Informations

Chassis Built by Sudden Pleasure Race Cars, Dale Denton and Paul Berry, Austin - Texas USA 
Body Toyota Celica / Design & Paintwork by CAL Switzerland
Engine Alluminum V-8 engine of 526 cui (8.6 litres) with approximately 3'000 horse power
Best Elapsed Times 5.919@243 mph at Santa Pod Raceway, Great Britain
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h in 0.93 seconds, top speed after 402.33 metres (1/4 mile) is around 400 km/h
Fuel Pure Methanol wich have given its name to the class TOP METHANOL FUNNY CAR. The race car requires approx. 8 litres of fuel during a 6.00 second run. The fuel also cools the engine, which means a car like this can not run for very long before it overheats. Therefore all top methanol cars are towed to the start area and back from the end of the track to the pits after each run.
Transmission Lenco 3-speed with revese Gears are airshifted by using of buttons on the butterfly steering wheel.
Clutch Crower 3-disc centrifugal clutch with approx. 780 pounds (350 kg) pressure
Lubricants MIDLAND OIL: for the engine, a thick, special blended methanol resistant type of oil used, MIDLAND W-30 oil for the Lenco transmission, MIDLAND 140 waited oil for the rear end, MIDLAND MS14 Multy-Spray for the chassis care and maintenance.
ENERGY RELEASE® - to avoid wear
Tires rear: 34.5 x 17.0 x 16 of HOOSIER or Goodyear brand
front: 24.0 x 4.5 x 15 of HOOSIER or Goodyear brand
Blower Whipple Supercharger by Lysholm Sweden, with a boost of 55 psi
Data recording Oneboard Computer: for recording data about exhaust temperatures, clutch spinning, rpm's etc. during each run. With this information the mechanics are able to set up and service the fuel and clutch management after every run.